Twist in Your Tree

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Are my eyes too open, in the wrong direction?
Are my wounds too token, am I not forgiven?
I've had this meat inside my belly since before I was born.

Shake me, make me, gently break me
Fluid fingers overtake me
Lift me, fly me, oh I cry - Me oh my I think that I can
Hear you rattling deep inside me,
hypodermis saintly find me,
Blood beneath your leaves
I'm just another twist in your tree.

Angels in crushed velour
Lose a day upon the hour
A loop of thread for every star
A bend of road for every car
Why is my head racing?
Why is my heart breaking?
I am only half awake
And half of me is dream

Shake me make me gently break me
Fluid fingers overtake me
Wrap me bind me
If I should wake before I die

I will feel you rattling deep inside me
The hypodermis spoke so kindly
Blood beneath my leaves
Another twist another twist
In my tree

Are my eyes too open in the wrong
Direction, are the lights
That lead me to the moth
Like to tell which way is up
Fellow sun, follow sun

Shake me make me gently break me
My bend of road, the oak that takes me
Here is what I dreamed
It's only half, just a twist in your tree.

~ Brendan Bonsack

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