This is my little instrument sampling corner, which I loosely call the Clockwork Monkey Project. Because there's "something that I can't quite put my finger on about a clockwork monkey beating a drum" *.

The aim is to share sample libraries made with curiosity and a sense of play, designed to be simple, immediate and emotive. Some are real, some imaginary. Intimate, lived-in and deliberately lo-fi, for peppering your productions with a little poetry.

The libraries are free to download, and require at least Kontakt 6.7 (not the player!) to run.

Abecedarian Sitar
A beginners family sitar

Baud r8
Modem bleeps and bloops

Dirty Harp
Digitally mangled beautiful harp

Pipe organ fuzz box

Electric guitar through the looking glass

Ghost in the Lowrey
Resurrected family organ

HGP Chord Organ
1960s share house chord organ

Rattle N Shake
One-finger percussion

Room 3 Piano
Workhorse student practice piano