Takotsubo Syndrome

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the echocardiogram
does make a sound
but you can't hear it

in the deep sea
a hard shell will save you
except from the octopus

if you will not break
they will drill you a tiny hole
soften you with a poison

examine the shells you've found
along the shore: not every one
but any one will have such holes

have you ever lost to love?

an echo detects the change
your broken heart assumes the shape
of takotsubo:

the old ceramic traps
crafted and lowered by human hands
for catching octopus

no bait is required
no noose to tighten, they
just climb inside

believing their bodies
must be made for these curious places
suspended and utterly held

it is possible to live like this
with your bloated ventricle left wondering
could it be fatal?

~ Brendan Bonsack

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