Nineteen Sixty Nine

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Well of course we never
Put foot on
That old and powdery moon
But it sure made a good story
And got the neighbors in the room

And I think of old Neil
In his quarantine house
Under the road
Saying to himself,
If I ever get out
I'll let them know

That we came so close
Our machines almost
Scratched their metal fingers
In the dust

But when it loomed so large
In my window pane
And I saw the scars
Deep in its face
And it stared straight back
Through its sun-drenched
Cloudless sky

There was a little boy inside me grew
To learn what he wished was never true
That there really is no man
Upon the moon

So I could not land this plane
We had to turn back home again
And touch down in our cool
And tranquil sea

We came so close
We had to make it all up of course
But the moon looks so much better

~ Brendan Bonsack

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