I Missed the Revolution

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The duchess and the duch, they're all out the back,
Calling pussy pussy in a room full of Cheshire cat

Everyone's a sailor, everyone's for sail
Even the shells in the crow's nest are leaning over the rail

I was thumbing you a sonnet on my finger lovin' friend
When the revolution passed me by, and it ain't comin' round again
No it ain't comin' round again

The railed paparazzi piled into the traps
And Googled their demises from a room full of Cheshire cat

Lucky little princes got their fingers on the pea
And they rubbed their prints all over it, and now no-one eats for free

The birds, they were angry and climbing in their slings
When the revolution sidled up and said take me for a spin
You never know what you could win

Everyone's a hero and there's a color and a size
And your face upon the tee shirt with revolution in your eyes
And a winning Cheshire smile

~ Brendan Bonsack

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