Here it Is

Performed by Accidental Bedfellows

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Here is a table and here is a chair
Here is a head to hold up your hair
Here is a pencil and here is a sword
Which do you use to get what you want?
Here are two string hands

Here is an angel to dance on your sill
She says that she'll fall if your thoughts are she will
You've five days to catch her and two days to wish
That you just couldn't see her
But you keep making lists
And she's on every one.

Here it is - here it is -
Smoke in your fingernails, name in a tree
Shards of green grass on the back of your neck
Saying yes please - please, yes please
Here it is - here it is.

Here are your fingers with their fine loops of string,
Delicate nooses for memories of things
See how they multiply and savagely twist
Upwards to rub and to scratch at your wrists
While binding your thumbs

Here it is - here it is -

~ Brendan Bonsack

Vocals by Chrissy Misso

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