Cauliflower Scans

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I have seen the photographs
The cauliflower scans
And tried to understand
The names of the proteins and the acids
And the color-coded calendar of dosages
And the red-pen notes of episodes

In muzak-quiet consulting rooms
Science has a story of the mind
I like his desk-clock at right angles
With the smooth imitation timber framed portrait
Of his daughter and his wife
And their smiling Labrador
And the way his driveway made a sound
Beneath our tyres like cracking rice bubbles
With a rolling pin through a paper bag

I have seen the cauliflower scans
And those mysterious holes
Like deep deep pools in the forest
Where no-one really knows how deep
And kids pushed in stolen shopping trolleys
And their brothers' bicycles tied to trees
And I still don't understand

On Tuesday I was Uncle Dave
With flowers for your wedding day and
Why did I not bring Kate?
Don't believe those things they say -
People can be so cruel -
I know that she's okay

I have seen the photographs of Uncle Dave on time
A bearded man stood in wait before the clinker brick
And blurred children running through the frame
And this is all we know of Uncle Dave

In labyrinthine corridors
Science has a story of the mind
And sat here in this safety room
With a tray of things you removed
From your pockets and your wrists

Here's a scuffed and faded face of a queen
A hairpin and a necklace
Sprawled around in the shape of an island I know
I've seen in an atlas but I didn't note its name
And in thirty years the sea
Will have reclaimed
And the sign upon the glass
Says "Please Wait"

~ Brendan Bonsack

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